Infrared light therapy has emerged as a modern treatment procedure. Infrared uses the sun’s light spectrum, to harness energy to treat various diseases. Infrared region is divided into three different regions which are near, mid and far infrared regions respectively. Of which, near and far infrared regions have come up to satisfy most of the medical treatment needs. It is a common trend that if the medical world has come up with a new treatment formula, most of its ill effects are merely disclosed. Although Infrared light therapy side effects are more likely to be less dangerous than any other treatment methods.

Infrared light therapy works by raising the body temperature to a comfortable level of 30 to 35 degree Celsius. The heating effect so created results in increased blood circulation, which in turn makes the healing process much faster than normal. It can be easily observed that the result of infrared light therapy is reached swiftly than traditional methods. Therefore, it marks the beginning of new treatment trend. Several histological examinations were done to check how safe infrared light therapy is.  In general, infrared light therapy side effects are at the minimal side.

Infrared radiation can increase the amount of soluble collagen and elastin in fibroblasts resulting in enhanced skin texture. In certain studies, it was pointed out than infrared radiation may cause the same effects of that found in solar UV radiation. But in recent studies, it was completely an outdated piece of knowledge. It can have many therapeutic effects of healing of wounds. Infrared light therapy at atmospheric temperature will not cause any serious burns.  Some of the minor side effects are as follows.

  • Headaches
  • Straining of eyes
  • Irritation in eyes

These are generally caused due to the glare of red light, and it can be easily avoided by wearing a goggle. It is recommended to avoid using red light therapy for bipolar disordered people since it can make them maniac. Moreover, infrared light therapy relays mostly on thermal effects; overheating can create burnings which in turn can result in DNA mutation. Keep a safe distance from the device. So intense care should be taken while handling an infrared probe. It is much better to clean the probe with a sanitizer to make it gem free. Make sure that not to apply infrared light over an open wound as it can intensify the bleeding. Also, do not apply it over the wet skin surface.

Some of the comparatively long-term side effects of infrared light therapy, due to inappropriate use of the device are to be discussed.

    • Some tissues are sensitive to minute variations in temperature.
    • Overheating of the cornea of eyes can make you more prone to cataract.
    • It may sometimes lead to mild transient erythema on derma lasting for a few hours
    • Scaling of the face is yet another issue related to IR therapy.
    • Mild dryness resulting from IR therapy makes you feel moistureless.
    • The requirement of multiple sessions is one of the practical hurdles.
    • The therapy should be continued to maintain the results.

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